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FBI Campus Liaison Program Post Virtual Briefing Communication

Title: FBI Campus Liaison Program Briefing Hosted by TACUPA

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Dissemination: No Restrictions

Source: FBI and TACUPA

Summary: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will briefed attendees on the Campus Liaison Program and the current threat picture for campus public safety. The attached is information on the briefing.

Good morning TACUPA members and FBI Liaison Briefing attendees,

Thank you all who joined yesterday's FBI Campus Liaison Program briefing focused on threats and effects to higher education campuses from domestic terrorism, lone actors, and the terrorist events currently impacting Israel and other places abroad.

Briefing summary material is below.

If you need assistance, please contact (not public)

Jennifer Baker

North Texas FBI Campus Liaison Agent


Dave Marshall

North Texas FBI Campus Liaison Agent

A permanent link to the FBI Campus Liaison Program can be found at in the top menu bar.

If you know of any campus Law Enforcement personnel who would benefit from having access to TACUPA Connect to keep up with campus related law enforcement news and topics, please have them email Ryan Guckes - TACUPA webmaster.


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