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TACUPA History


On December 4, 1964, a group of university and college officials met at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, in order to organize the Texas Association of College and University Traffic and Security Departments.


Those in attendance were:


  • R.C. Alley, Midwestern University, Director, Physical Plant

  • Sterling Baker, University of Houston, Chief, Safety and Security

  • Cecil Ballow, Tarleton State University, Dean of Men

  • Garvin Beauchamp, Abilene Christian University, Dean of Students

  • C.E. Bolton, Texas A&M University, Assistant Chief of Security

  • S.O. Boyd, Texas Tech University, Lt. of Security

  • Bill G. Daniels, Texas Tech University, Chief of Security

  • Allen R. Hamilton, University of Texas-Austin, Chief, Traffic & Security

  • Bobby N. Hudson, West Texas State University, Chief, Security

  • Royce Money, Abilene Christian University, Assistant to the Dean of Students

  • Paul Pederson, Lamar State University, Student Activities

  • Ed E. Powell, Texas A&M University, Chief of Security

  • Harold R. Rhodes, University of Houston, Assistant Chief, Safety and Security

  • Rufus L. Taylor, Arlington State University, Supervisor, Parking


Bill Daniels stated that he, Sterling Baker, and a few others had discussed the need for an association.  An invitation to meet was sent to all colleges and universities in Texas.  The business meeting began and a name for the group was selected.  A constitution was prepared and adopted, and the following officers were elected:


  • President, Bill Daniels 

  • Vice President, Allen Hamilton 

  • Secretary Treasurer, Sterling Baker 

  • Director, 1 year, Garvin Beauchamp 

  • Director, 2 years, Ed Powell


There was much discussion on the location and the time of year for the annual meetings. It was decided that the President would be involved in the program to such an extent that the meetings should be at his school.  Texas Tech would be the location for the 2nd annual meeting.  It was voted to hold the meeting in the first week of December because most members attended the National meeting in the summer.


NOTE: When the Association met at Texas Tech the following year, Chief Hamilton was unable to attend.  Sterling Baker became President and Ed Powell was elected Vice President.


Chief Bill Daniels

First TACUPA President

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