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Safezone - The Leading Safety, Security and Emergency Management Solution

Keeping your people safe is vital for today’s organizations. CriticalArc’s SafeZone, the unified safety, security and emergency management solution, provides Safety Everywhere™ for your people, wherever you have duty of care. Through Real-time Coordination and Response, organizations are empowered to respond faster and more effectively to incidents of any scale. And SafeZone’s Operational Insights streamlines day-to-day operations and enables unprecedented post-incident learnings to continuously improve team performance and optimize future response. Quick to deploy, scalable, and easy to use, SafeZone is transforming how leading organizations manage the safety of millions of people every day.

Call TACUPA Member Ryan Guckes 314-440-4606


Maltech Fleet  - Premier Emergency Vehicle Outfitter, Retrofitter and Installer 

  • Police Vehicles

  • Ambulances

  • Fire Trucks

  • Service Trucks

  • Lights

  • Video Equipment

  • Audio Equipment

  • Video Cameras

  • Security Cameras

  • Audio Microphones

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We are the leading provider of campus safety and security solutions for the Higher Education sector throughout North America. We understand the concerns that our campuses face. Our dedicated team of Higher Education experts is nationwide and at the forefront of campus security and school safety.

Our team has years of deep knowledge and understanding of the Higher Education sector, focused on providing a comprehensive list of university security solutions specifically tailored to your campus environment. We continuously evolve and evaluate our procedures and protocols for university and college campuses.


Our understanding of Higher Education campus security, fundamentals and our partnerships with organizations such as TACUPA and IACLEA have ensured we do our job well – always enhancing your institution’s brand and providing peace of mind for those with whom we interact.

Higher Education & Campus Security Subject Matter Experts

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Command Presence Transformational Training - Created by Cops Because We Care For Cops

Be Exceptional. Join 100's of organizations that trust Command Presence to bring transformational training that changes the status quo.

At Command Presence Training, we truly believe the student is more important than the teacher.  We exist to transform officers into their best selves.  We have assembled an amazing team of veteran law enforcement trainers that are dedicated to the betterment of the most noble profession on the planet.  In our classes you will not see endless presentation slides filled with bullet points and an instructor just reading slides. 


YES!  You can have fun in law enforcement training and actually learn and enjoy.  This is the type of experience we strive for in all of our classes.  Before you decide on a class,  meet our team.

We offer in-person and online training which is TCOLE approved and offer customized training.

Call TACUPA Member John Bostain 1-833-LE TRAIN