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CodeBlue Phone Evaluation - UT Arlington PD

Good Afternoon,

We are currently conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the CodeBlue phones situated across UT Arlington's campus. This evaluation encompasses an assessment of their overall value, effectiveness, utilization, necessity, cost-effectiveness, public perception, and more. We kindly request your input to address the following questions:

  1. If you currently utilize these or similar emergency phones on your campus, how many of such phones do you currently have in place?

  2. Are you using any comparable technology or apps, and if so, what?

  3. Have you removed or significantly reduced the number of emergency phones on your campus? If so, how many?

  4. Have you contemplated the possibility of removing or reducing these emergency phone installations?

  5. Are you aware of any other universities that have removed or reduced, or are considering removing or reducing emergency phones? If so, who?

  6. Who manages the program at your institution?

Thank you in advance for your time in responding.

Please send response to Julie Span -



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