Updates and News 

September 2021

Greetings TACUPA Colleagues,


TACUPA, in partnership with sponsors, CriticArc, and the University of Texas-San Antonio, presents our next free learning symposium - and we are bringing in some serious firepower for our instructors.


The event is in San Antonio on the UT-San Antonio campus on November 4 - 5. 


November 4

Clery Compliance Updates and Best Practices

Instructors: Dolores Stafford and Dr. Michael DeBowes


November 5

University and College Law Enforcement Recruiting, Retention and Turnover

Instructor: Dwayne Orrick


These are very sought after speakers on topics of great interest to us.  To learn more about our speakers, location, and to register for this free training, visit: https://lp.criticalarc.com/tacupa-symposium-series-2020-2021


We will also have a networking event on the evening of November 4, sponsored by Critical Arc.  


I hope you can join us for this great opportunity.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


All the Best,


Paul Willingham

President, TACUPA

Dolores Stafford 

Training on November 4th, 2021 at UT - San Antonio Downtown Campus 

Founder and Executive Director of NACCOP, President and CEO of Stafford & Associates,

Dr. Michael DeBowes

Training on November 4th, 2021 at UT - San Antonio Downtown Campus 

Vice President of Research and Strategic Initiatives for NACCOP and D. Stafford & Associates

Dwayne Orrick

Training on November 5th, 2021 at UT- San Antonio Downtown Campus

Assistant Executive Direstor Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police

Published and Notionally Recognized Author 

July 2021

Greetings TACUPA Members, 


It is hard to believe the summer is here.  It's been about six weeks since my last update, so here is what is new:


·  2020 Awards.  We completed our awards selection and are now beginning to present awards to our 2020 recipients.  Congratulations to:

  • Bill G. Daniels Award for Outstanding Administrator:  Chief Ron Davidson, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

  • Larry W. Fultz Memorial Award for Excellence (Sworn): Sergeant Stuart Alexander, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler.

  • Thomas Engells Memorial Award for Excellence (Non-Sworn): Public Safety Officer Cale Breshears, Lubbock Christian University.

  • Donna Spinato Scholarship: Julie Spann, The University of Texas-Arlington



CONGRATULATIONS to all these deserving recipients!  


Our 2021 award nomination period is now open through October 1, 2021.  Visit https://www.tacupa.org/awards-and-scholarships for more details on how to nominate for an award or apply for a scholarship.



Committee Reports


  • Conference and Training Committee: Chair - Jay Tillerson (jtillerson@uta.edu).  As Texas has fully re-opened, we are looking at the viability of a December conference.  More information will be forthcoming later this summer.

  • Awards Committee: Chair - Will Ivie (william.ivie@tccd.edu).  The nomination window is now open.

  • Legislative Committee: Chair - Jim Walters (jwalters@mail.smu.edu).  Chief Walters is preparing a legislative brief which will be released to all members in July.


New Members


We welcomed 60 new members to the TACUPA since the last update sent in May!   ​




TACUPA Summer Learning Symposium: In cooperation with corporate sponsor CriticalArc, TACUPA will be presenting another free learning symposium.  It will be held in Austin July 22 - 23, free of charge.  The focus topic will be trauma informed investigation.  More information and open registration will be released on July 1.  Please reserve the dates on your calendar.       


Campus Job Openings 

Higher Ed Jobs:  Check out the available Higher Ed Chief's jobs in Texas on our website.  Let us know if you have an opening you would like posted for free.



Legislative Progress

Our organization has grown by nearly 60 members in the past 90 days.  Let's keep the positive momentum.  One of our biggest goals to grow strong and have a voice in the legislature for the 2023 session.  That starts now!  Tell your higher ed colleagues about us.  


All the Best,


Paul Willingham

President, TACUPA