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TACUPA Board Member Voting

Nominations were collected for 1st Year Board Member and 2nd Vice President. We received only 1 nomination for 2nd Vice President, so that announcement will be coming soon. Here are your nominees for 1st Year Board Member -

- Samuel Garrison -- Chief of Police - Texas Woman's University.

Samuel Garrison - TACUPA Bio
Download DOCX • 33KB

- Ruben Puente - Assistant Director - University of Texas System Police

Ruben Puente - TACUPA Bio
Download DOCX • 56KB

- Bryan Vaughn - Chief of Police - Texas A&M University - Commerce

  • My name is Bryan Vaughn, I am the Chief of Police at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I have been serving in that position for four and a half years. Prior to that I served as the Assistant Chief for 12 years. During my time as Assistant Chief the previous chief allowed me to attend TACUPA conferences and trainings every year. I believe I have a grasp of how the organization works and I would like to be a part of assisting it going forward. I have a passion for campus law enforcement. I would like to submit my for consideration as a 1st Year Board Member.

We ask that you cast your vote at the following link --

Voting will remain open until 5pm Thursday, February 23.

Thanks for your continued support.



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