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Texas State UPD partners with Dwipod Corp. on the most high-tech Dwipod unit available

Otto Glenewinkel has been working at the Texas State University Police Department as a police officer since 2000. He has always focused on drunk driving prevention while working there and in 2005 he thought there had to be a better way to educate the students on the dangers of impaired driving.

He came up with the idea of the simulator while playing a driving video game with his 5 year old son. His son thought it would be fun to play Need for Speed while wearing a pair of drunk goggles. So they tried it and found it was really difficult.

Officer Glenewinkel received permission from Texas State University Police Chief Ralph Meyer to set the simulation up on their department's training room projection screen. He had all the department's officers and office staff standing in line for the rest of the afternoon.

Chief Meyer liked the idea so much that he supported his officer in raising $3,000 to build the prototype, which is still in the basement of the Police Department. After experimenting for a year with the prototype, Officer Glenewinkel started a 501(c) (3) to raise money and build simulators.

He was contacted by the New Braunfels Police to bring the prototype to their high school project graduation program. After seeing it's value, New Braunfels PD requested a simulator larger than the prototype. Within 60 days they had a new trailer and the first commercial unit produced. Every other unit built since then has been by word of mouth from Dwipod customers. Customer service is the most important aspect to Officer Glenewinkel.

The Texas State University Police Department has partnered with the Dwipod Corporation to build the most high-tech Dwipod unit available. To date, 19 simulators have been built and are the hottest thing in impaired driving prevention education.

If your agency is interested in a Dwipod, please contact Officer Otto Glenewinkel at

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