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Security lessons across the pond: What US and British universities are teaching each other

As many fellow members know, I was a police officer for many years and now work in the private sector supporting higher education public safety and policing. When I took off the uniform, I wasn't too difficult only because I never left the field I love and I still get to help others. (And if my wife was writing this, she would include that I get to help with better hours and a lot less risk.)

One of the reasons I wlll always love our profession is the fellowship, family and how we help each other even when we don't have the time or energy.

Recently several TACUPA members helped me when my COO Darren Chalmers-Stevens said he wanted to come to the US and learn from as many clients and colleagues as possible. Darren was on a mission to better understand the differences between US and the UK law enforcement with the goal to help everyone share their achievements, best practices and increase successes.

This brings me to my point, a big THANK YOU to TACUPA members Russell Miller, Andrea Black, Jesse Trevino III, Derek Fuller, Ron Davidson, Roger Stearns, Clemente Rodriguez, Stephanie Schoenborn, Paul Willingham and Russell Greene who all offered to help Darren. They provided their time by meeting with him and shared their experiences with US policing, public safety, policy, regulations, university and college culture and most importantly they shared their visions. This generous gift allowed us to learn, made us more effective as we serve in the US and UK and ultimately allowed Darren to write a great article recently published by IFSEC.

We plan to continue bringing UK practices to the US and US to the UK! We are also planning to bring an amazing Cleveland UK Police Command Staff member, who was most recently Head of Security for Teesside University to the upcoming TACUPA conference in December to share more!

Ryan Guckes

CriticalArc creators of Safezone

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