Captain William Ivie (Tarrant County College District)

As with a good number of our colleagues, I am a relative new comer to both campus policing and TACUPA.  I joined the Tarrant County College District Police Department five years ago after enjoying 18 years of law enforcement experience at the state level in Virginia.  I joined TACUPA almost two years ago and attended both the summer 2015 and winter 2016 conferences.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training and networking opportunities at both events, but was moved by Chief Lemaux’s call to action at the conclusion of the most recent conference. 


It is important for TACUPA’s membership to recognize and respect our organization’s proud history and accomplishments.  However, just as our profession must stretch and grow to meet current demands and expectations, so must our representative organization.  I am blessed to have entered campus policing at TCCD and to work with a supportive and forward thinking administration.  I desire to serve the membership of TACUPA and not simply take advantage of the benefits offered by our organization.  Ultimately, I hope to share the insight and values instilled in me by my Chief and Assistant Chief and to help TACUPA remain the leader in developing campus policing in Texas.





William Ivie

Captain | Police Investigations Supervisor 

Tarrant County College District

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