Chief Patrick Coggins (Midwestern State University)

I am honored to have been nominated for the position of 2nd Vice President of TACUPA.


TACUPA is an organization that benefits both public and private colleges and universities throughout the state, in a variety of ways.  While one of the most prominent benefits I have realized since becoming a member has been the networking opportunities it provides, the work TACUPA does in the way of legislative representation and training are invaluable. 


In the grand scheme of things, college and university law enforcement legislative concerns are very specific and unique and require adequate representation and voice at the legislative level.  We constitute the experts in our very specific field and are uniquely qualified to offer valuable insight into the issues and problems faced by campus police throughout our state.  In my opinion, it is essential that TACUPA continues to lobby for legislation that positively affects the safety and well-being of HE campuses throughout Texas.


In addition, TACUPA is THE organization from which many practitioners in the field acquire very specific law enforcement training on issues that almost solely affect college campuses.  Higher education policing is a very unique field and requires equally unique and specific training.  TACUPA has worked tirelessly to bring that training to the end users and I would like to see that work continue into the future.


Finally, the networking opportunities offered by TACUPA are unrivaled.  While other national organizations exist, at the state-level, TACUPA is unmatched in providing networking opportunities for practitioners in our field.  Many strong professional and personal relationships have been forged from humble beginnings at TACUPA meetings and those relationships have often grown into opportunities for expert resources when individual members faced new challenges and issues.  Knowing that such expertise is so readily available and gladly-given is of great comfort to members of our organization.


The landscape in which we operate is continually evolving and we are currently undergoing a time of unprecedented change.  TACUPA has offered substantial value to its members and I would be honored to serve alongside its other officers to continue its valuable work.


Patrick Coggins, Chief of Police

Midwestern State University PD

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