Become a TACUPA member


Dear Professional Colleague,


The membership of the Texas Association of College and University Police Administrators is a close knit organization of police professionals who recognize the value of strong personal ties with other members of our profession. Our members are offered an opportunity for information-sharing and professional development. TACUPA has been a growing and essential factor in the development of campus law enforcement for over fifty years. The effectiveness of the Association's leadership is demonstrated in the stability and strength of the law enforcement agencies represented by its membership. Join us and become a part of the great things happening at TACUPA!


Institutional membership entitles your agency to certain advantages such as:


  • Directory of campus law enforcement professionals in the Association

  • Job listings

  • Lobbying power for legislative issues effecting campus law enforcement

  • Training for administrators and officers

  • Annual conference and seminar (TCOLE credit awarded)

  • TACUPA Listserv

  • $500.00 for those injured in the line of duty

  • $1000.00 for those killed in the 

  • $500 for those injured in the line of duty

  • $1000 for those killed in the line of duty


Institutions and individuals are eligible for membership in TACUPA and include any institution of higher education which offers a degree of not less than two years academic credit, Texas State Technological Institutions, Police Chiefs, and any Director of a University system. Institutions shall not be eligible for membership when their routine police program is performed by any protective company or corporation employed by the institution under any type of contract or agreement.


Annual dues are:

  • $50.00 for Professional Members

    • Professional Membership is open to full-time employees of a member institution holding an executive, managerial, or supervisory position which is primarily responsible for campus public safety.

  • $25.00 for Associate Members

    • Associate Membership is open to any employee of a member institution not holding an executive, managerial, or supervisory position.  Former members who are honorably retired may join at this level.

  • $100.00 for Corporate Members

    • Corporate Membership is open to any company having an office or conducting business in the State of Texas, with approval of the Membership and Nominations Committee and the Board, and payment of appropriate dues.

The TACUPA Board is Waiving All Dues for 2021.  This is a great time to join our organization for a free year to see what we are about.



To become a member of TACUPA, please print and complete the application form and email to Upon receipt, instructions for payment options will be sent.