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TACUPA Committies

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Standing Committees - Appointed By the TACUPA President annually. 

If you wish to serve on a 2022 committee, please email 

  1. Constitution and Bylaws Committee

    • The Constitution and Bylaws Committee is responsible for maintaining the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association and keeping them current and/or amended to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Association.

    • This Committee will receive direction from the Board of Directors to review the Constitution or Bylaws or any section requiring review, and draft and provide to the Board proposed recommendations for any changes and/or amendments to the Constitution.

    • The Board liaison to this Committee is the Second Year Board Member.

  2. Membership and Nominations Committee

    • The Membership and Nominations Committee is responsible for developing new and innovative ways to attract new members as well as retain current membership, seeking out and identifying Association members who are willing to serve on the Board and various Committees, and will manage the elections for the Board and Officer positions.

    • The Committee shall make recommendations or provide feedback to the Board regarding membership rates and levels.

    • The Committee will receive all membership applications from the Treasurer, review the applications for eligibility, and determine approval of the applications.The Committee’s decision will be forwarded to the Board.The Secretary will provide notification to the applicant.

    • The Committee will make recommendations to the Board regarding what annual awards and scholarships should be offered and presented each year. These awards and scholarships will only be available to employees of member institutions.

    • The Committee will review all scholarship and award applications and make selection recommendations to the Board.Upon approval from the Board, the Committee will be responsible for securing the awards and any scholarship presentations.

    • The Board liaison for membership matters is the Second Vice President.The Board liaison for scholarship and award matters is the First Year Board Member.

  3. Conference Committee

    • The Conference Committee shall organize and conduct an Annual Conference each year.

    • The Committee is responsible for soliciting member departments to host the Annual Conference.

    • This Committee will manage most aspects of the Annual Conference to include:

      1. Identifying the host agency or agencies,

      2. Identifying a venue for the Conference,

      3. Negotiating the lodging/meeting/food and beverage terms of the contract with the hotel,

      4. Developing a Conference schedule,

      5. Identifying and scheduling Conference presenters,

      6. Making travel and lodging arrangements for the presenters,

      7. Recruiting vendors for the Conference, and

      8. Making arrangements for vendor displays and presentations (if their level of sponsorship is awarded conference time).

    • The Committee will make recommendations regarding the registration rates for members and vendors.

    • The Board must provide final approval of any venue and speaker contracts.

    • The Treasurer will also work closely with this Committee regarding venue, presenter and Conference fees.

    • The Board liaison for this Committee is the First Vice President.

  4. Governmental Relations Committee

    • The Governmental Relations Committee is responsible for keeping the Association membership apprised of any legislation or regulations that might impact member agencies or their college or university as it pertains to safety, security and administrative or regulatory responsibilities or mandates.

    • This Committee is also charged with assisting the Association and its members in obtaining passage of legislation that is beneficial to our agencies.

    • The Board liaison to this Committee is the President.

  5. Powers and Duties

    • Each standing committee will have a Chair appointed by the President.A Co-Chair and committee members will be appointed by the President as participation permits.

    • Each committee will have a Board liaison appointed as identified in the Bylaws or by the President.The Board liaison will be a member of the Committee during the tenure of their Board position.

    • The committees may be voted authority by a majority of the Board of Directors to act for the Board as a whole, and shall report to the Board.

    • Absent this authority or the authority provided by the Association Bylaws, they will report to and seek approval from the Board before taking any actions and work under the Board’s direction.